Call of Duty

Warzone Player Meets A Proud Hacker

The dude’s mighty unafraid of getting nuked or reported as he is most certain no one even dares notice or countercheck when hacking ensues. Zero idea how fun it would be to always win the easy way though, as the lack of thrill would more or less kill the fun of it all for me.

Case in point, Reddit user u/theHugoat ran into a team of hackers that openly admitted they are messing with the game – unbeknownst to the fact that the voice chat is being recorded alongside the video in the form of a stream.

SCARIEST CALL OF DUTY HACKER OF ALL TIME! (Call of Duty Hacker Trolling) -  YouTube

Verbatim, the cheating player claimed their information is spoofed, which means there’s no way for their real account to be flagged. They also claimed no one is checking the reports in Call of Duty, so they don’t expect to face any real consequences. The hacker also claimed to have only paid $9 for the third-party software, which indicates cheating is accessible to most players. This likely attributes to the hundreds of hackers that players encounter daily and why new cheaters are continually appearing. 

Since no players have been banned and Activision, Treyarch, nor Infinity Ward have been doing anything to fix this, the issue still runs amok. I guess that’s it for this stupid report.

You pissed at this too? Let us know in the comments section below!

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