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Warzone’s Fans Question Activision’s Lack of Fix For Cheating

Despite Warzone’s unmistakeable success, Activision still hasn’t managed to resolve the ton of hackers and cheaters it has tolerated. There’s no question towards how big an empire Call of Duty has built ever since the free-to-play Warzone version dropped internationally. In line with this, people have also been taking advantage of it – hacking and cheating their way through games for their own selfish and personal sense of fun.

An old message from April 2020 has recently resurfaced with promises of making the anti-cheat system more useful, with the recycled promise stating:

“We work aggressively to keep Warzone fun and fair, 24/7 security monitoring, ALL possible cheats, hacks reviewed, Planned improvements to in-game cheat reporting, 50,000+ global perma-bans to date, More updates coming soon.”

Of course people are calling bull, especially that the statement seems to be quite out of touch and overall just senseless and empty. By the fans’ reactions, it seems as if they’re all looking for something more tangible that would actually take effect and help the game become a healthier environment for everyone.

So, do you feel the cheaters have been eradicated or have the issues worsened? Let us know in the comments section below!

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