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YouTuber JGOD Notices Secret Weapon Balance Changes

If you feel like Warzone plays differently for quite a while, well, someone had just unearthed why. Meticulous YouTuber JGOD along with TrueGameData dug through COD weapon stats to find out what’s going on. True enough, it’s actually quite fishy.

Case in point, the FFAR have been buffed and the XM4 too. This is weird especially that the FFAR is one of the strongest weapons in game. If you check the numbers, the Ranger barrel increased bullet velocity by 57% but now it increases it by almost 90%.

Also discovered by JGOD, certain attachments haven’t been performing as they should, with barrels designed to improve bullet velocity having the opposite effect. Good thing is Raven Software had already took note of this, but the span of changes along with the time of when it would take effect is still in question.

Have you felt these changes happening yet is unbeknownst to you? Let us know in the comments section below!

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