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Destiny 2 presents roadmap and content for Season 10

The new Season 10 is in the starting blocks at Destiny 2. We finally know what to expect from March 10th. Read about the dangers we face in PvE, what the next 3 months will look like and what we know about new exotic products.

That’s what Destiny 2 is up to: The current Season 9 is coming to an end. All eyes are on the future and Season 10, which starts on March 10th.

The official name is: Season of the Worthy. It has been known for some time that the Trials are celebrating their return, but what is supposed to keep the players happy outside of PvP has been a secret so far. We take a look at the roadmap and content of the next chapter.

Roadmap for the season of the worthy

The Guardians prevented the cabal from manipulating the timeline with the sundial, but new threats are lurking in orbit. This time you need to team up with the dangerous war spirit Rasputin to master the situation.
New Season 10 content in March

10.03. – New PvE activity: The so-called “Seraph Tower Event” heralds the start of the new season. Bungie says: “Join other Guardians and prepare Rasputin’s defense in joint public events.”

In addition, another PvE activity called “Seraph Bunker” starts. The Destiny developer describes the activity as follows: “Grows on Rasputin’s challenge and clears bunkers throughout the system to restore communication with the war spirit.”

Legendary Lost Sectors continue to go live. This activity should give you new, seasonal, legendary weapons and armor (for Season Pass owners).

13.03. – Trials begin: The PvP highlight starts on a Friday the 13th. So you can measure yourself against the best of the best on the first weekend. It looks like Osiris’ new tests are starting with a popular moderator: Saint-14.

It has been confirmed that the trials will take place every weekend and are available to all players. There will be a level requirement. You must have reached at least power level 960 to participate.

Furthermore, we now know that seven wins in a row are needed to visit the lighthouse. But during PvP battles, top gear will be available.

24.03. – New bunkers are coming: You can look forward to additional “Seraph bunkers” during the season. The new location ETZ and the moon are added.

New content for Destiny 2 in April

21.04. – Twilight difficulty: The twilight strikes are currently not easy on the highest levels of difficulty. If that’s not enough, you can look forward to “Leader: Trial by Fire”.

It should include a new endgame bonus and a seal. We assume that this will also result in a new title for PvE, or the vanguard.

A competition is waiting for you: From April 21st to May 11th the “Guardian Games” are coming up. The roadmap describes the event as a “class competition” and promises legendary armor.

04.07. – New bunker: Another bunker will be made accessible to players on Io. At the same time, new legendary Lost Sectors come into play. (for season pass holders)

More content is yet to be announced. The season of the worthy should end on June 9th.

Exotics and other Season 10 content

These exotic products are coming: The exotic weapons and armor are, in addition to the great gunplay, the figurehead for Destiny 2. In Season 10 you can look forward to a few new pieces of jewelry:

  • The exotic shotgun The Fourth Horseman ”was officially confirmed
  • An Auto rifle is added
  • An exotic MG can be seen briefly in the trailer
  • An exotic quest is announced. We currently do not know whether this is still a secret exotic or is meant the 4th tab (for Season Pass owners).

A new season pass is included: As in the past two seasons, you can unlock additional loot in the form of cosmetics, boosts and armor as well as all sorts of other amenities with the season pass.

There will again be a free track, with which every keeper receives rewards for rank upgrades. Buyers of the premium variant receive all Season 10 content and significantly more items from the Season Pass for 1000 silver.

We will shortly add the exact contents of both tracks here and present you the highlights. If you have any questions about the Seasons and the Season Pass, you will find it here.

This is the seasonal artifact: In a new season, a new artifact must not be missing. This time, the mighty item will be named War Spirit Child Scarf.

According to the name, it is optically a short sword, which is decorated with war spirit ornaments. You will also receive detailed information about the artifact from us shortly.

More Season 10 content

This also awaits you: In addition to the content presented in more detail, the new season also brings:

  • New triumphs
  • New lore entries
  • Weekly Rasputin challenges (for Season Pass holders)
  • New weapons
  • New cosmetics – including exotic gestures, ghosts, ornaments and finishers
  • Revisions of the sandbox and patches

Along with the official announcement, Bungie released a cool trailer. In it you can see a lot of the content in action and will surely discover one or the other hidden detail:

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