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Destiny 2: The highlights from the new Season Pass – exotic, armor, cosmetics

In the Season of the Worthy, Destiny 2 offers a new Season Pass. We take a look at the rewards and tell you what you need to know.

This is behind the season model: With Destiny 2 you currently receive new content through the so-called seasons. These run for three months and, for example, continue the story and bring new activities, quests and thematic loot.

With every new season, all Destiny players also receive a Season Pass. There are all sorts of bonuses. To get the rewards, all you have to do is play Destiny 2.

The Season Pass is also based on experience from all activities and forays. So you unlock the 100 seasonal ranks with the XP one after the other and look forward to strong weapons, chic cosmetics and useful resources.

The best rewards and rewards in Season 10

How Seasonal Rank Rewards Work: Really every Guardian has access to the rewards from the Rank Rewards. But with the 100 ranks, Destiny 2 distinguishes two paths:

The free track: This is free for everyone and does not require any content or extensions. You can find them in the top half of the seasonal rank rewards.
The premium track: Season Pass owners have access to the rewards in the lower half of the tier awards in addition to the top row.

In both paths you will receive resources, engrams and rare materials. In addition to these useful items, there are also real highlights among the ranking bonuses that make the keeper’s heart beat faster.

These are the best rank rewards: We have selected some of the most interesting and best items from the 100 ranks for you. We present both the free and the premium rail.

All Guardians can unlock these cool rewards:

  • The new exotic automatic rifle “Tommys matchbook” – The chic weapon is immediately at number 1 for Season Pass owners and at number 35 for everyone in the free reward track. The weapon follows in the footsteps of the mighty Exotics symmetry from Season 9.
  • Two new legendary weapons – There is an SMG at 30th and a shotgun at 45th for every player
  • Seasonal armor sets – Legendary armor awaits unlocking for every Guardian class. At reward level 25, all Destiny players have the set complete. With the Season Pass you get the set at rank 1.
  • Additional duplicates of the armor are distributed over all ranks.
  • Exotic Engrams – This will add to your exotic arsenal of weapons and armor

These additional highlights await you with the Season Pass:

  • Universal armor ornaments – With the ornaments you change the look of all legendary armor and adapt it to the seasonal theme. At rank 97 all ornaments are unlocked.
  • Ornaments for Seasonal Weapons – For all three weapons from the Season Pass, you will receive chic skins as rank awards
  • Legendary Finisher – At rank 10 you give your enemies the rest with a new coup de grace
  • Exotic gesture – Rank 99 gives you access to an impressive emote
  • Booster – Spread over the Season Pass you will receive bonuses on experience, catalyst progress and drops

You can see the full seasonal rank rewards for yourself on the Bungie page. The season of the worthy ends on June 9 and the Season Pass, with all ranks and bonuses, disappears.

This is what the Season Pass offers in the season of the worthy

How to get the new Season Pass: In order to have access to all seasonal ranking rewards from Season 10, the Season Pass is required. This can be purchased in-game for 1,000 silver. That corresponds to about 10 €.

All owners of the Collectors Edition and Digital Deluxe Edition of Shadowkeep have full access to all seasons from year 3 anyway. If you decide to purchase the Shadowkeep expansion for the worthy, you will have full access to the current Season Pass.

If you play on multiple platforms via Cross-Save, you have access to your Season Pass. Bungie says this can be shared between accounts.

New Activities and Quests: The Season Pass will give you rewards and rewards from your ascents. But also outside the ranks, some special features await the guardians.

Among other things, you get access to:

  • Exotic quests
  • Legendary Lost Sectors
  • Weekly challenges
  • New triumphs, forays and seasonal lore books

We took a closer look at the new content and activities for Season 10 here. There you will also find a detailed roadmap. This shows what should sweeten all Destiny players the next three months.

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