Destiny 2

Destiny 2 ‘Trials of Osiris’ rewards for May 29 to June 2 feature Astral Horizon

In Destiny 2, the “Trials of Osiris” mode is the ultimate player vs. player Right now in Destiny 2’s game mode “Trials of Osiris”, you able to play for argueably the best legendary shotgun in the game at this moment: Astral Horizon. Get at least three wins to obtain it. You can also compete for that amazing armor set this week. Here are all the rewards:

  • Three wins: Astral Horizon Legendary Shotgun
  • Five wins: Helmet of the Exile Legendary Armor
  • Seven wins: Gauntlets of the Exile Legendary Armor
  • Flawless: Chest of the Exile Legendary Armor

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