According to rumors, Diablo 4 is under development under the code name Fenris.

In an extensive article by Kotaku, the company has spoken with eleven current employees of Blizzard. In that article is the info about Fenris. Furthermore, they talked about a canceled extension for Diablo 3 that had to come out after Reaper of Souls and canceling another project called Hades. As a result, many employees started the current Diablo 4 project.

An important building block in art is “Embrace the darkness.” The game would have been in development since 2016 and everyone who has seen it is optimistic about the direction the game will take. The game is still in the initial stages of development and will not be released before 2020. It is unclear whether the game comes to PC first or whether it comes out on consoles at the same time.

The team is deciding which camera angle the game should have. Diablo is a series that is always played isometric, but in the canceled Hades game there has been experimented with a third-person over the shoulder camrea stand. In the most recent build of the game, Diablo 4 is “just” isometric.

“There are many people who think that Diablo 3 took a different form than the standard Diablo style, especially when it comes to the art and the effects of the spells,” said a current Blizzard employee. He claims that the game focuses more on the appearance of Diablo 2 than that of Diablo 3.

“They want to make it ‘dirty’, darker and remove everything that was experienced as cartoony in Diablo 3. They want to make that one was afraid of in Diablo 2, but in a modern way,” said the employee.

The current focus in Fenris is to introduce “light MMO elements.” Think of inspiration from the social aspects of Destiny. In conversation with someone who could share more about “strikes” in Fenris, this person said: “What if we still have the core Diablo game, but with a number of people doing nice things all over the map?”

It is not clear why Blizzard has canceled the possible expansion of Diablo 3. It seems that the management did not have enough confidence in the game after the turbulent launch in 2012. The choice surprised many people who worked on Reaper of Souls. Blizzard itself says that they actually deliver about 50 percent of all projects. It is not yet clear on which side of the 50 percent Fenris falls.

The other project, codenamed Hades, should take the franchise in a completely different direction. It should be Diablo’s version of a Dark Souls game. A gothic, difficult dungeon crawler. It should be the farewell of the maingames and many in Blizzard would not like to label the game as Diablo 4. The team worked on the title for two years, but it was canceled in 2016. This was mainly due to a difficult development and the departure of Josh Mosqueira, the console lead designer for Diablo 3.

Other topics in the post include watching a Pokemon Go-like Warcraft mobile game, the impact Activision has on Blizzard, changing staff and more.

It has not been confirmed, but previous reports claim that Blizzard had wanted to make the announcement for Diablo 4 during BlizzCon. However, this was withdrawn at the last moment, although Blizzard claims it is different. It is no secret that several Diablo projects are under way. Only the mobile Diablo Immortal has been confirmed and a real Diablo 4 has not yet been confirmed by Blizzard.