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Endgame in Doom Eternal: The master levels supposed to include 50 hours of playing time

When you’ve finished Doom Eternal, you can start again with a more difficult section called Master Level. With that, the shooter wants to extend its playing time by 13 hours. Those who face the challenge should be employed for up to 50 hours.

What this looks like is shown by the colleagues from IGN, who describe their impressions to you in the video embedded below. You can examine the brisk battles for a full nine minutes.

That’s what makes the master level so difficult

This hardcore mode is separate from the usual levels of difficulty: you can play it on “easy” or on “Nightmare”. Because the life points and the damage of the opponents are not simply scaled up, but the game itself is different. Doom Eternal tries to achieve a higher level of difficulty in a more natural way:

New enemy types: It can spawn heavier enemy types that you cannot meet with a normal run through the level.
More adversaries: The levels of Doom Eternal are generally designed for larger opponents than you encounter in normal gameplay. The master levels throw you far more enemies at you.
Strategies are essential: you will encounter opponents who seem invincible more often. However, this can usually be done more easily with a certain strategy.
Skill is becoming more important: Many mechanics that you can ignore in normal gameplay are important tools in the master levels. For example, the grapple, or kills with the chainsaw to get ammunition.

Not only the master levels are a special challenge, but also the Slayer Gates in Doom Eternal. These are optional arenas that let you compete against powerful waves of opponents.

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Jerry Lehr
3 years ago

What video?

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