4.3 patch notes – Brings cart vehicles

There is some good news for the entire Fortnite community, as Epic Games prepared some surprises for the arrival of the 4.3 title update. The update includes several general improvements, but the most striking ones are some unique vehicles. Once you get started, you can’t miss them.

Once you update the game you can use the shopping carts in Battle Royale mode. These vehicles will help you transport yourself along the map more easily or even flee from the heat of the battle! You can use them alone or with another player at your side. How cool isn’t this!?

The update also enables the second part of the Blockbuster event in Save the World, as well as changes to the interface so you can see your progress in terms of challenges more clearly. In addition, Epic invited players to use voice chat in Save the World, which can be enabled in the settings.

As for the general changes, constructions will now be built faster if you have already placed the skeleton of the structure. Also, Epic eliminated a number of problems related to pointing with controls, player movement, unexpected game shutdowns, and missing items.

Another cool thing is that you’ll also find different loading screens depending on the gameplay mode you choose.

Here you can find the complete patch notes.

Are you thrilled to drift around in these new carts? Tell us in the comments below!

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