Boogiedown dancing contest

Epic Games has proven that it listens to the Fortnite: Battle Royale community, with whom it maintains constant communication to provide a satisfying gaming experience. However, the company has taken a step forward in this relationship by fulfilling the wish of thousands of fans who were asking for the integration of a particular dance for the new season.

Last month, Epic Games held the “BoogieDown contest”, where anybody who wanted to could record a small Fortnite-inspired dance session to be voted on by the community to determine the top 100. Winners would receive special awards and the lucky user to claim the first place would be honored to have their dance integrated into the Battle Royale. The victorious user wasPopulotus, congratulations!

However, there was more in for the show, as a young man in an orange T-shirt won the hearts of the community with his short dance. Although he didn’t make it to first place, he was recognized by Fortnite fans, to the point that famous Youtubers made his video go viral, and even began a petition to integrate his dance into the game.

To everyone’s surprise, during the start of Season 4, players noticed that there was a new dance which is called Orange Justice and as you probably can guess, it is the celebration of the young man in the orange shirt who has now been immortalized in the game. The young man celebrated the decision of Epic Games and even changed his Twitter account to Orange Shirt Kid and invited players to add him to their friend list and participate in some games. Some players joined in the celebration and acknowledged that, in the end, Epic had done justice, orange justice.

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