Confirmed: Rocket will launch tommorow

Fortnite’s news section has been updated and it brings us the confirmation of the rocket launch with a time and date!

The rocket, which is inside of the villain’s lair on a mountain close to Snobby Shores, was first spotted at the start of season four. Players have been speculating about it ever since then, while Epic Games has been giving some teasers like countdowns on in-game televisions.


Screenshot via Fortnite: Battle Royale

The message confirms that the rocket will launch and that it’ll only happen once at 12:30pm CT. Like Epic says, make sure to “look to the sky.”

It’s hard to tell what will happen after the rocket launches, but it could cause some damage and changes to the map like we’ve seen before when the meteor struck. It added some new elements to the map back then.

In Anarchy Acres, a rocket engine recently appeared, which led some people to believe that the rocket may be crashing rapidly. Rumor goes that Moisty Mire could be the final destination.

Since Fortnite‘s season four is soon coming to an end on July 12, we’ll be seeing some changes happen around then. It may still take a few weeks though before the rocket crashes on the map after it’s launch tommorow.

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