Fortnite Android release temporarily exclusively for Samsung Note 9

The Fortnite android release could be temporarily exclusive for the Samsung Note 9. The game would be released on the new Samsung phone thirty days earlier than on other platforms. There would also be in-game pre-order bonuses.

According to sources from 9to5Google, the Fortnite Android release will temporarily be exclusive to the Samsung Note 9. Fortnite would then be playable exclusively on the Note 9 for 30 days before the game can be played on other Android phones. The phone is scheduled to be unveiled on August 9 and according to the rumors the phone will come out on August 24th. It would mean that the Fortnite release for other Android phones would take place on September 23rd.

It seems that Samsung has even more Fortnite content for Note 9 users on the schedule, because it’s further reported that if people pre-order the Note 9, there is still more to gain. Indeed, $ 100 worth of V-Bucks would be given to people who would already pre-order the phone. However, there would be an alternative offer for those who are not interested in Fortnite in the form of wireless AKG headphones that would carry approximately the same value.

Fortnite Android release has beenin the air for some time

Earlier it was already announced that the Fortnite release for Android would take place this summer. There was (and is) until now no official release date published by Epic Games. Last week it was also leaked that the release on would take place on July 24, but this rumor turned out to be false. Now, almost a week later, and the game is still not to be found on Android phones.

Fortnite Battle Royale has been around for a while on iOS devices. The game officially came out there in the App Store on April 2nd. Before that, the game was already playing through a beta mode. This came out on March 15 for iOS users and since then Fortnite on iOS has generated a lot of money for Epic Games.

The game earns more than 2 million dollars daily according to the data analysis of Sensortower. This may have to do with the release of Fortnite season 5 that started a few weeks ago. More is spent on the game since the launch of the new season.


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