Fortnite delays free launch of ‘Save the World’, its PvE mode

Prior to the time of Fortnite’s initial big boom, Epic Games had already planned the free deployment of its PvE mode by a date to be determined in 2018. Save the World invited players to join forces to build their own fortifications and repel the constant onslaught of waves of enemies. Players could also obtain weapons and defenses of all kinds to strengthen their presence. Unfortunately, it has been reported in the last few hours that free-to-play content no longer even has a launch window.

Epic Games has confirmed the news with the following message: “We have decided to move the free launch of Save the World beyond this year. We are working on a variety of features, reworks and various systems that we believe are necessary to enable the free-to-play option.

Save the World has grown steadily since the launch in July 2017 and Fortnite in general has experienced unprecedented growth. Raising the bar for the sake of all the heroes who will join the fight is key to providing an excellent experience. One of the most notable changes is the reference to the player interface, which is being worked on in order to make it more comfortable and clearer to use.

We will ultimately see when Fortnite’s free PvE mode launches. At the moment, as we have pointed out, there is no new window or date in which to place the free launch, so we will have to wait for future events or announcements through which Epic Games takes the floor again.

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