Fortnite is getting ready for a big fight

The ninth season of Fortnite is already coming to an end. The tenth season of the popular battle royale game will begin in two weeks, meaning a big event is lurking.

The speculation about the great final battle, which is likely to take place, has been going on for weeks. Dataminers previously named the two giants Cattus and Doggus. Several clocks have been found throughout Fortnite Island that are counting down to a specific moment. This counter is expected to stop at 20 July, 8 p.m. GMT +1. This is when the final battle between the two titans will take place.

Cattus, the gigantic monster that has been hiding in the sea in recent weeks, occasionally breaks pieces of the island. He probably does this to prepare for the fight. Doggus, the huge robot, has been under construction in the Pressure Plant for weeks.

The island will probably not remain intact during this fight. After all, there are warnings everywhere on the island. Fortnite already indicates that it is seeking coverage on the flying platforms that can be found in many places in the map.

Do you prefer to see the giant monster Cattus win, or are you on the side of the Robot Doggus?

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