Fortnite update adds Stink Bomb, new LTM, and nerfs for Rocket Launcher

The new Fortnite update brings a number of changes. A new weapon and a temporary mode are on the way. This is what you can expect from the new update.

Epic Games has announced what can be found in Fortnite after the new update went live. This will go live today and is the reason for offline retrieval of the Fortnite servers. The first new addition will give players a new way to fight against enemies.

There will be a new grenade to Battle Royale in the form of the Stink Bomb. The description gives little details about the function of the weapon, but presumably it is a grenade that poison your enemies. The description speaks about that if enemies smell the bomb they’ll as soon as possible be looking for fresh air.

The next item to be added is the 8-Bit Demo that will be available in the Event Store. The practical usefulness of the item has not been announced, but you can see how the item looks like. It is a kind of tablet that is mounted on your arm on which all colorful blocks can be seen.

8-bit demo
8-bit demo

In addition to the new weapons, an old but familiar mode returns to Fortnite Battle Royale. It is the temporary mode Teams or 20 that returns and this is called ‘Final Fight: Teams of 20’. In this mode, players in teams of twenty players must compete against each other until the time runs out. The circle stops with becoming smaller after the third circle.

New Fortnite update fixes a number of issues

In addition to the new Fortnite update for a number of new additions, there are also a number of problems solved. For example, you will no longer see enemy buildings light up with a thermal scope, because instead Cozy Campfires will light up. Also, two buses that were stuck together on the start island have been seperated from one another and you won’t see Back BlingĀ  separate from the players anymore when looking from a distance.

The last big advantage of the update comes in the form of a solution for some problems on the Nintendo Switch. The game came out last week during E3 2018 as a surprise and immediately suffered from some problems. When you dive out of the Battle Bus, for example, you will not be bothered by some hitches.
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