New analysis – How Fortnite affects the market

Most people would agree that Fortnite is a big success in the gaming history. It’s a phenomenon like few others in the industry and its impact is even being reflected in other companies, both positively and negatively. A recent analysis by Superdata suggests that content purchases from Epic’s Battle Royale are affecting the revenue of other titles.

Superdata’s recent analysis of Fortnite’s success focuses on the impact of Epic’s Battle Royale on the industry and the changes that, since its meteoric rise, have been reflected in the indicators of some companies.

From the outset, the Superdata estimates that the title’s content purchases show a double side, one in which it highlights the success of the Battle Royale among players and another in which it covers a 6% drop in revenue from microtransactions of other titles, a percentage that now belongs to Fortnite. At the same time, Superdata presented its analysis graphically and pointed out that Fortnite’s success has driven PlayStation and Xbox financially in terms of software-related sales and in general also in terms of the industry, but this result would actually cover a 6% drop in revenue if the presence of the Epic title is not considered.

fortnite analysis graph

Superdata’s analysis can be contrasted with the financial forecasts made by several analysts last March, such as Evan Wingren, an analyst at KeyBanc Capital Markets, who estimated that Fortnite’s success would lead to a 10% drop in revenues from microtransactions and major game totals.

Finally, Superdata considers, taking preliminary information into account, that Fortnite itself is not a problem, because its success is due to the macro trends that the industry is experiencing and, at the same time, it has generated a climate of uncertainty for important titles in terms of multiplayer components, which until before the arrival of the Epic Battle Royale, had lived in a comfort zone. In this regard, the firm concludes that the game would be a key part of the change that the industry is currently experiencing: several of the major titles are in decline, suggesting that Fortnite has been hiding a wider market correction among traditional game manufacturers.

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