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New and improved Guided missile is returning to Fortnite

Epic Games has posted their new Developer Update on their Twitter account in which they talked about several things such as SMG changes, Remote Explosives and a returning item. You’ve guessed it correctly, it’s the Guided missile that’ll be returning to the game.

When the item was released, it provided us with alot of fun and crazy moments. Next to that however, there were some complaints about the item being too powerful.
Epic Games will be making some changes to the item before it’s release. They want it to be more of a scouting tool than a high damage threat.

This includes:
– Reduced movement speed
– Reduced turning radius
– Reduced damage & damage radius
– Ammo cap of 12 rockets in default modes

What do you think about the changes and will they be enough to turn the Guided missile into a balanced item?

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