Fortnites new game mode High stakes, no battle royale!

Later this week you will be able to fight for jewels in a new Bank Robbery game mode.

Fortnite grew to its astronomical size thanks to Battle Royale, but Epic Games has shown that they dare to experiment with their alternative game modes. High Stakes, released later this week, may be their most daring ever.

Instead of trying to be the last man standing in the game, the team must fight for four safes, each containing a big jewel. Once you have got the jewel it must be transported to a escape truck and the four teams that succeed with this win the match. High Stakes also adds new outfits to your character, a white gangster suit and four bank robber masks inspired by gamecards. If you complete a series of missions, you can unlock a crowbar as well as a glider inspired by the security guard.

The update also introduces a weapon that will change combat. Have you ever played CTF, you’ll probably know how a grappling hook works. Fire away and pull quickly against the surface you met.

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