Fortnite: Patch 4.1 is online – Changelog with all changes

The Fortnite Update 4.1 is online. After some downtime, the Battle Royale and Save the World servers are available again – and the content uploaded with the update is available. Highlights include a new mode for Battle Royale. In the temporary Mashup “Infinity Glove” you search for Thano’s glove from Avengers: Infinity War. Once you have found the item, slip into the role of the mighty Thanos and give your opponents properly on the cap.

At the beginning of a match, a meteorite falls onto the island, bringing the Infinity glove into play. Any player who puts on the Infinity Glove becomes Thanos. If it is eliminated, the glove falls to the ground and can be picked up by other players. If it is left unused in the game world for too long, the item disappears until another meteorite hits.

The Fortnite Patch 4.1 also changes the gameplay of Battle Royale. From now on, it is 25 percent more likely that the last eye of the storm is in the peripheral areas of the map. It also fixed a problem where spray motives could camouflage remote ignition charges and sticky grenades. The developers are also fixing an issuie in the game world in which the turbo installation point did not work correctly. Improvements for graphics, audio, animations and performance are also described in the changelog.

Players of Save the World can also look forward to innovations. New in Update 4.1 is the weapon Hacksaw – a weekly item. This is a version of the light machine gun with moderate firing rate, low recoil, long reload time and efficient ammunition consumption. Bugfixes for heroes, missions, user interface and graphics are also included. Find the complete changelog here.

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