Fortnite Patch v6.30 Major Changes and Updates

Hear ye hear ye! Fortnite has once again released a new patch that will come in many different flavors (figuratively and literally). Here’s everything you need to know!

Food Wars!

Epic Games already stated that several important changes would come to the game this week, and they weren’t kidding!

According to their latest Fortnite News, the Mounted Turret, the Food War mode, interface improvements and the Last Word revolver are now added as well as considerably improving Fortnite’s entire interface and social media system!

Here’s a list of the highlights:

New Game Mode: Food Warfare


This brand-new BR mode is only up for a limited time.

A barrier will separate two teams, which will have to protect their pet and eliminate the enemy’s. Once the wall disappears, the teams will have to fight until only one player or only one of the pets is eliminated.

Impenetrable barrier will appear in the centre of the map for the first few minutes.

Each team will have a giant mascot head representing that team which they must protect.

If the pet’s head is destroyed, the team loses the game.

Special red supplies will appear: Weapons, ammunition, consumables, traps and metal construction materials.

Players will reappear after 7 seconds of being eliminated and will keep the inventory.

By snacking you’ll have 100% additional resources.

There are no weapons or explosive objects.

Weapons and Objects

Added trap: Mounted turret


It is located on the ground, supplies, vending machines and flames.

Ammunition is unlimited but gun overheats.

It can only be placed on the floor and becomes invulnerable.

Playability, performance and sounds


Increased peak damage against other players from 10 to 20.

Balloons have sound and visual effects.

Increased the frequency of quad biking from 50 to 100%.

Redeployment will only activate the hang glider: Increased mandatory deployment height from 15.5 to 35 meters

Optimized animations

Hang-glider sounds and players’ steps outside the field of vision are improved

Added a wind sound indicator.

Save the World

Missions and Systems


Reorganized the interface to make the experience more intuitive.

Added new interface tutorials.

Replaced the trees of previous skills with a new page of improvements.

Replaced previous research trees with a new research page.

New flagship sites and missions have been added.

Construction duel


Icarus of Steel

Heroes, Weapons and Objects


The English game text shows “T.E.D.D.Y” instead of “TEDDY”.

The English game text shows “D.E.C.O.Y” instead of “DECOY”.

The English game text shows “B.A.S.E” instead of “BASE”.

Added the Revolver Last word to the weekly store.

Available from 15/11/2018 to 22/07/2019.

What did you think of the V6.30 patch? Are you excited to play the brand-new limited-time game mode? Let us know in the comments down below!

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Gaelle Boursier
Gaelle Boursier
4 years ago

still not gonna lay it but cool 😡

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