Animal Crossing: New Horizons August Update – Fireworks, Dreams, Sea Creatures, and more Bugs now available!

Summer Update 2 is right around the corner, with more offerings that give K.K. Slider’s catalog of songs a run for it’s money. Tom Nook definitely has nothing against this one, as the reveal last July 28th proved to stir the community alive once again.

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First off, fireworks are now a thing in your island. Explosions happen every Sunday, with an option to have things go boom your way. This means that firework design is customizable, as they let you create a light show to your heart’s content.

Swimming and more coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons on July 3

Another thing included in the update was the return of Luna, a tapir that shows up in your dreams and helps you travel across islands and show off village designs without the need of going online. What a nifty treat from the developers!

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The most important part of the update was the ability to swim and dive, which in turn forces the game to add more fish and bugs to collect for every player’s enjoyment along with extended game time.

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Lastly, the game now offers cloud transfer of save data, enabling you to have your island be migrated to another Nintendo Switch unit. This will now make it easier if you own several units such as the 2 versions of the original Switch and maybe a Lite. With more convenient ways to play, loyal fans are sure to find themselves back into the routine of making their island the best it can be!

Wishing to see other updates soon? Maybe you have thoughts on this specific update that you like to voice out? Let us know in the comments below!

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