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Call of Duty: Warzone Vehicle Glitch

The glitches just keep piling up.

Call of Duty: Warzone players are now experiencing a new bug that involves getting out of a vehicle or sometimes jumping out of a plane at the start of the match.

The glitch makes your aim or mouse control act weird. Some players experience their aim off-target. Some experience their aim go directly up.

This makes quick engages while in a moving vehicle impossible and matches unwinnable.

Players who experienced the said bug confirmed that you can trigger it by exiting a vehicle or free-looking when jumping out of a plane. 

This can be very frustrating especially if you are in a high-speed vehicle looking to engage or chase enemies. Absolutely ruins a match. 

Some players argue that this is a stealth nerf to balance vehicle engagements. While this could have some truth in it, the plane thing is a bug for sure.

Infinity Ward did not include this in their patch notes if this was ever a nerf. And the plane glitch couldn’t possibly be a nerf. Why would they mess with players’ aim just for free-looking? It makes no sense.

Players are suggesting that if this is really a stealth nerf, what Infinity Ward could have done is to make the players do a roll while exiting or get some plate damage. That would have been more understandable instead of messing with players’ aim.

Infinity Ward has not acknowledged this bug yet and players have no idea if a fix will be coming out soon. I do hope that Infinity Ward addresses this said bugs as soon as possible because it’s pretty annoying to be on the receiving end of the glitch.

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If you are experiencing the plane glitch always, a bandaid fix would be to not move your camera while jumping out of the plane. 

Have you experienced the glitches?

Let us know what you feel in the comments.

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