Couple Gets Stuck Inside Currys Playing Xbox Series X

After a long time playing the F1 2020 Simulator on the Xbox Series X, this couple finds themselves stuck inside a Currys. It was very much like Home Alone, but instead the two of them got stuck inside a supermarket with bigger repurcussions.

Couple Got Trapped Inside Currys PC World Playing Xbox Game As Staff Locked Up

Nathan Bamping, 19, and girlfriend Olivia Johnson, 18 found themselves alone inside a Currys after playing against each other over the F1 Racing Simulator 2020 with the new-gen Xbox Series X. The couple were surprised to find that there’s no one around them by the time they finished playing and intended to leave the warehouse.

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As the couple was looking for an exit, they kept triggering alarms -in which they decided to contact the Currys hotline to no avail. Only Nathan’s mum had picked up, but she didn’t know what to do also. Luckily enough, a manager got back to them 40 minutes after triggering all those alarms, as he had been alerted of the suspected “break in”.

Curry's PC World run clearance sale with reductions on hundreds of items -  Manchester Evening News

The couple then went back to the same store a few days after and copped themselves a unit of the Xbox Series X, in which the store gave them a free controller to go with it as a form of apology.

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