GTA V is now FREE + leaked upcoming titles

On May 14th, GTA V was announced as the free game of the week at the Epic Games Store, ending its journey on the 21st. If you haven’t played this game yet, do yourself a favor and GET IT(If your bandwidth allows, it’s a pretty big download)! It’s a great game!

The next three free games from the Epic Games Store have supposedly been leaked. For those paying close attention, the arrival of FREE Grand Theft Auto V at the Epic Games Store was no surprise, since hours before, the company itself had mistakenly uncovered the arrival of GTA:V for free during the upcoming week.

Despite the leak, being able to get GTA V for free has been a very popular offer, to say the least. Problem? Moments after the official announcement, Epic store was out of service for several hours, affecting Fortnite.

After all that happened, things seemed to be quiet, until yesterday, when a leak was published through Reddit with an image indicating the arrival of Civilization VI for May 21st, Borderlands The Handsome Collection for May 28th and ARK Survival Evolved for June 4th. If true, these three games would complete the next three weeks of free play.

These games are not just free to play for a week, they’re free FOREVER if you manage to download them during this week(sorry 3g/4g users). 

You can grab GTA V here.

Remember that the three leaked free games are LEAKS, as far as we know they are not confirmed yet. It seems like a solid leak but take it with a grain of salt until official confirmation.

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