GTAV Modder Gets $10k From Rockstar For Expediting Loading Times

It’s quite uncanny to see a game developing company gift a modder for a job well done – but Rockstar Games had managed to pull through with it gracefully. The modder, who goes by the handle ‘t0st,’ recently posted their discovery of a single-thread CPU bottleneck that occurs in the PC version of the hit multiplayer mode.

GTA Online: Download time reduced by 70%, Rockstar rewards modders

They created a fix they claim enables the game to load 70% faster, and included a message for Rockstar, advising that the issue “shouldn’t take more than a day for a single dev to solve.” In a statement to PC Gamer, the company said: “After a thorough investigation, we can confirm that player t0st did, in fact, reveal an aspect of the game code related to load times for the PC version of GTA Online that could be improved. “As a result of these investigations, we have made some changes that will be implemented in a forthcoming title update.” According to t0st’s update to his original post, Rockstar awarded him $10,000 as part of its Bug Bounty program, noting that this incident was an exception since the program is usually focused on security issues.

Are you excited to see how this code would take place into the game? Let us know in the comments section below!

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