Hitman 3 – England Location Revealed!

Our favorite faceless mercenary is back, and this time, he’s sure to make it big. Well, by making it big, he’s meeting up with the Big Ben. Agent 47 is about to undertake a mission in Dartmoor, England, figuring out a death in the Thornbridge manor that is rumored to be a murder.

Highly reminiscent of Rian Johnson’s recent masterpiece Knives Out, IO Interactive makes sure to give an all-new experience for fans and new players alike. Offering a story and gameplay that gives the player the power of choice, Agent 47 will try to survive as he navigates through a murder mystery, picking up clues and tying facts together to ultimately uncover who is at fault.

The game is set to release on January 2021, with Epic Games having locked-in the distribution for the PC for a year. Playstation users rejoice, as IO Interactive offers a VR alternative into playing the game, making it as immersive as it is thrilling. To make things even better, Epic Games is offering the first Hitman instalment for FREE from August 27 to September 3.

Just as excited for what Agent 47 has in store for us? Let us know in the comments below.

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