Microsoft Confirms Lack Of Update for Xbox Series X on Tokyo Games Show This September 24

Listen to the new Xbox Series X loading sound - CNET

I’m not so sure with what Microsoft’s trying to do here and honestly, I can’t even tell if it’s a good thing. Despite announcing from the official Xbox Twitter account that they’d be appearing at the digitally-revamped Tokyo Games Show on September 24, they made it clear that no news on the new tech would be released there.

It’s got people hanging, with Microsoft proving that they’re moving quite slow on this one. With no news on prices, exact release dates, and even on the Series S release and details, Sony pretty much has a better grasp of the gaming market on this one.

Xbox Series X

The only thing left that we’re all waiting to happen would be for Microsoft to have the releases in their own events that highlight details on Series X and Series S. But with speculations of it happening on September, why not the Tokyo Games Show as a platform, right?

With a clear overshadow, Microsoft is pretty much cornered by Sony on this one. We can’t even tell yet if details would come out before or after September 24.

But as always, we’ll keep you posted!

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