Woops! Microsoft Fans Have Been Buying the Xbox One X instead of the Xbox Series X!

Well technically, it is Microsoft’s most advanced console that has been released to date. But still, watching it all unfold is just too damn funny. The casual fans of the console giant has found themselves in a bit of a pre-order confusion as they get their hands on a console that probably had been sitting in their rooms all this time.

Microsoft Ends Production of Xbox One X and Xbox One S All-Digital Edition  | Den of Geek

The product itself is not bad, well, unless you don’t actually need it since you already have one. The same problem had incurred and was learned from by Nintendo years ago, as they have made the Wii U and people still seem to be ordering themselves the old, standard Wii. Thank God the Switch was a lifesaver.

Amazon's Xbox One X sales rank was up 750% following Series X pre-orders |  VGC

But the funny thing about all this is that, if you actually try to look deeper into it, even Microsoft is having several blunders with their console nomenclature. Check out this tweet below:

Well at least Microsoft is still getting their capital’s worth on the Xbox One X, as a 747% increase in sales were seen upon the release of the pre-orders for the Xbox Series X. Oh lord.

This one surely is tough to get around to, as if figuring out the difference between X and S wasn’t that hard for the commonfolk, try for the weords “one” and “series”. It’s an honest mistake anyone can make, and with Microsoft actually being able to build a community in a very considerate fashion, there would definitely some careful considerations to be made here. If anything, Sony fucked it up for the Playstation 5 too. Yikes.

So, we’re you actually able to pre-order the correct console? Let us know in the comments section below!

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