Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020: Pushing The Limits of Simulation Through The Airspace

Goat Simulator, watch out! There is a contender right up your alley that’ sure to kick you off the spot of being “The Best Simulator Game of the Century”.

With a very promising premise, Microsoft’s Flight Simulator 2020 seemed like a fever dream come true. The game succeeds in taking realism to a whole new level, as it offers a real-time view of the Earth including weather changes and fellow aeroplanes that are set out to circumnavigate the globe.

Being only available for the Windows 10 and the Xbox One, Asobo Studio made sure to kick it up a notch; maximizing about 2 petabytes of cloud storage from Bing Maps to come up with its own simulated version of the world with a little help from procedural generation technology developed by Azure.

Microsoft Flight Simulator' will have an in-game store for mods ...

The outcome is a visual treat to behold, allowing for players to use different kinds of aeroplanes to land in airports all around the world. Heck, you can even opt to take the view of flying in a third person POV or even straight out of the cockpit in first person.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020's most impressive visuals will ...

The attention to detail that was given to this game is undeniably unfathomable, and the low flying game play is sure to explain why that is so. Priced at around 60 USD, it’s surely a treat for people who like traveling or simply is into airplanes and flying. It’s sure to kill the vibe of being stuck inside all the time due to the pandemic, as the game will take you places without setting you behind a few hundred bucks through an airplane ticket.

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