Ori Director Apologizes to Cyberpunk 2077, No Man’s Sky, and Fable Devs

Thomas Mahler successfully pulled out his head from his ass, apologizing to CD Projekt Red, Sean Murray (Hello Games) and Peter Molyneux in the process. The Ori director and Moon Studios CEO gave out his apologies and admitted his mistakes in the process. Just right after calling the aforementioned developers and game creators as “snake oil salesmen”, furthering on how the developers couldn’t seem to deliver their high promises but instead underdeliver in the end.

“Now, a day later, I’ve read the responses and I realize I wasn’t thoughtful in the way I presented my thoughts, nor did I choose the right tone or platform for it,” Mahler wrote.

“After I made this thread, we had a pretty long conversation internally about all of this and I definitely didn’t represent Moon Studio the way I should have.”

He added: “Yesterday I used an overly aggressive tone that wasn’t really suited for someone in my position. My intention was not to hurt anybody, but to offer up a discussion starter on current issues the industry is facing.

“We all share a common love for this artform and we should always remain respectful with each other. And I wasn’t yesterday.

“And for that I really am sorry, especially to those that I mentioned by name. I promise that I’ll learn from this mistake and wish no hard feelings towards anybody.”

Do you think the apology was sufficient? Let us know in the comments section below!

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