Playstation Studios Looking to Port A Game for Xbox

Major League Baseball seems to be turning into a shared Playstation exclusive – distributed by Playstation Studios to non-Sony ports. Since the joint statement of the Major League Baseball company alongside Sony Interactive to have the game come out on multi-platforms, all everyone got was for that tweet to be retweeted by Nintendo and Xbox but nothing else after that. Until, that is, this photo of box arts got leaked on Instagram.

The weirdest part of the leak was seeing the official Playstation Studios logo on an Xbox One box art – being the first official cross-platform event of Sony Playstation even if the company has done this before sans the branding.

It’s definitely not Sony’s first venture into cross-platform gaming ,as they have recently succeeded in putting out exclusives on the Epic Games Store, have Minecraft almost everywhere, put out Ori and Cuphead on the Nintendo Switch, and even add Banjo-Kazooie on the Nintendo exclusive Super Smash Bros.

PC ports aside (*cough* Horizon Zero Dawn *cough*), we just might be looking at Playstation and Sony venturing into different platforms and territories, overall aiming to monopolize the gaming industry to some extent.

So, which Playstation exclusive are you most looking to play somewhere else? Let us know in the comments section below!

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