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Prop Hunt Is BACK in Call of Duty BO Cold War!

Treyarch has confirmed over their official Twitter account the return of a classic mode everyone’s been yearning to play since its disappearance. The glorious return of prop hunt has since then been confirmed, to the rejoice of many players and fans alike.

For those unfamiliar with Prop Hunt, the mode sees players separated into two groups: hunters and props. Props are random objects that have to find places to hide on the map. Prior to the arrival of the hunters, props have a short bit of time to find a hiding place. Props don’t have any real way to attack hunters, but they can throw them off the scent by changing forms, setting up decoys, and they can also stun enemies that get within a certain range. For props, the name of the game is survival. Unfortunately, every 30 seconds, props let out a whistle, giving hunters a hint at their location. Hunters win by eliminating all the props, and props win by lasting until the end of the match.

For once, Treyarch and Activision had managed to heed the call of the community, following up with their duties as the game’s developers. Are you excited to play Prop Hunt again once more? Let us know in the comments section below!

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