PS4 and PS4 Pro Gets Discontinued

Twitter user Cheesemeister’s good eye caught a glimpse of a local retailer’s message detailing on how the last-gen console is to be discontinued from production. There is already a list of the items that are not to be restocked, and are more or less in a state of clearance:

To add, a message from last December directly from the official PlayStation Direct store briefly stated that it would no longer offer any PlayStation 4 Pro consoles, strengthening evidence of it being further discontinued from production.

R.I.P PS4 - YouTube

The real threat seems to reside on over the fact that the PS4 Pro is priced the same as the digital edition of the PS5, keeping in mind that the company was heeding to have people adopt to the new console but completely overlooking the fact that their stocks are almost physically and virtually non-existent.

Biggest PS4 rip-off ever? Frustrated PlayStation fans are switching to Xbox  One - Daily Star

What are you feeling about this discontinuation? Let us know in the comment’s section below!

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