PS5 in 24k Gold. Would You Get One?

PS5 and Xbox news. Plus, How to Get Your Hands On a Gold PS5

Sony and Microsoft Reveal Race

For weeks now, both Sony and Microsoft have been quiet about their next-gen consoles release dates and prices. The only info both companies released is that their consoles will be released in Holiday 2020.

But recently, Microsoft broke their silence and officially revealed their Series S. The smallest Xbox ever. They also revealed its price and release date. 

Microsoft just got ahead of the Reveal Race. 

UK Company Hints PS5 Info

GAME, a UK-based game retail company posted, then later deleted a post that possibly hints a news drop from Sony. Fortunately for us, theSixthAxis managed to take a screen cap. 

Credits to theSixthAxis

Stay frosty guys, Sony might join the Reveal Race soon!

You Can Now Pre-order the PS5…    in GOLD!

But just in case you can’t wait for the official pre-order news or didn’t receive an invite from Sony, you can still pre-order a PS5.

That is if you have $10,000 lying around, or a kidney.

TrulyExquisite, a UK-based company making custom luxury items, just announced that they will be open for pre-orders starting the 10th of September, 3 PM, UK time.

You can get a 24K Gold Digital PS5 for a whopping £7,999.

These gold custom PS5 will be limited at 250 units and has free worldwide shipping and insurance

Well at the very least we can confirm that the PS5 price won’t exceed $10,000.


More PS5 Stuff in Gold

You can also have a Platinum PS5 if gold is not your thing. Here are all the custom PS5 items from Truly Exquisite.

  • 24K Gold Digital PS5 – £7,999
  • 18K Rose Gold Digital PS5 – £8,099
  • Platinum Digital PS5 – £8,199
  • 24K Gold Disc PS5 – £8,099
  • 18K Rose Gold Disc PS5 – £8,199
  • Platinum Disc PS5 – £8,299
  • PS5 Controller – £649
  • PS5 Headset – £399

All items are limited to 250 pieces.

Here’s a video by Truly Exquisite showing their collection.

Are you excited for some PS5 update?

Or are you thinking of getting your hands on the Gold PS5?

Let us know in the comments!

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