PS5 Not Backwards-Compatible for PS3,PS2, nor PS1 Despite Claims, Announced by Ubisoft

No one has actually clarified how the Playstation 5’s backward compatibility works, well until Ubisoft dropped the bomb just earlier today. Sony has been pretty hush-hush about the ability to play PS3, PS2, and PS1 on the PS5 despite teasing the possibility. Ubisoft on the other hand, somewhat clarifies the statement stating that it only works for PS4 games. Some, but definitely not all.

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The determining factor for having a PS4 game to function on a PS5 unit is still under heavy question, as a previous statement from Sony claims that it HOPES to support “the overwhelming majority of the 4000+ PS4 titles”. Mark Cerny, the Playstation 5’s lead architect, on the other hand, claimed that “almost all” of the Top 100 PS4 Games (determined through cumulative playtime) would be available upon the platform’s release. So what’s really the deal here?

Alarmingly enough, a support page straight out of Ubisoft clarifies how the cross-generational transgression works and highlighting the fact that their famous PS4 games would easily cross over. But of course, they also blatantly dropped that only PS4 games would work and nothing else.

PS5 without backward compatibility with PS3, PS2 and PlayStation. Ubisoft  confirms the details

With the Xbox Series X being developed by Microsoft in the same mindset, what’s only left for us to see would be how the sales would go by the time the holiday season actually comes in. Although unlike Sony, Microsoft boasts the capability to have the Series X work with games from Xbox One, Xbox 360 and all the older Xbox games.

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With the sale of the PS5 coming in at both regular and all-digital versions sooner than you think, pre-orders are now up for you to go crazy over. Of course, strong titles that’s driving gamers bonkers right now would be the release of Insomniac’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales as a sequel to their smash-hit Spider-Man game along with Ratchet and Clark: Rift Apart that pays tribute to one of their oldest and longest-running in-house title.

So which one are you getting: The PS5 or the Xbox Series X? Let us know in the comments section below!

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