PS5 Prices *Possibly* Leaked!

El Corte Inglés, one of the biggest retailers in Spain could have possibly leaked the PS5 prices.

In the tweet made by AllGamesDelta, you can see the names Aurea and Enigma. This couldn’t be the new Xbox series because they’re already been announced and there is no need to hide their names.

Could this be a placeholder for the next-gen PS5 consoles? The Aurea could be the PS5 with the Blu-ray drive, priced at €499.90. And the Enigma could be the Digital Edition(DE) PS5, priced at €399.90.

Given the recent next-gen console news, this could be a reasonable price for the PS5 to compete with the Xbox pricing that was announced earlier.

Remember that this is just a possible leak and is not yet confirmed.

The price might be revealed in the upcoming PS5 showcase happening on September 16.

Do you think this is the possible final price for the PS5 consoles?

Let us know in the comments!

Also, stay tuned to get the latest next-gen consoles news!

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