Saints Row: The Third Remastered, A Game Re-invented

Can’t get enough of the Saints Row franchise? With the fifth installment at a questionable standstill, Deep Silver puts out a remaster of their quintessential masterpiece which is Saints Row: The Third. Nine years after it’s initial release, we can confidently say that it’s about damn time we get more from our favorite purple-reppin’ gang.

We go back to the familiar streets of Stillwater, but with a looming question on over why everything looks relatively more picturesque from when you last remembered it. After a bit of drooling over and swooning, you find yourself playing it through and being reminded of how crazy and zany the entire concept was, perfectly encapsulating THQ and Volition’s goal to have it depart from turning into a GTA type.

Saints Row: The Third Remastered technical review - Lighting in a ...

The remaster works in such a way that it keeps you entertained without making it feel like you’re repeating things, turning deja vu into a certain manifestation of nostalgia instead. The remaster boasts to be a 4K re-imagining of The Third’s Full Package release, including all the DLCs that were released prior to Saints Row IV’s announcement.

Game review: Saints Row: The Third - Remastered

The game still proves to be just as addicting as you remembered it, but made more playable given the adjustments in lighting. What’s even more amazing is that they had kept the glitchiness of the original game intact that seems to vibe well with the game’s overall theme of keeping things hyperbolized, wacky, and just full on crazy.

Saints Row: The Third Remastered Preview - The Best Returns, but ...

At the end of the day, shelling out 40 bucks to get yourself a great dose of the good times is not a particularly bad price to pay. Especially when it’s Saints Row: The Third, where you can easily lose yourself to the system once again and surprise yourself that you had cleared out a huge chunk of the game already without minding much about your surroundings. Oh, how pleasant things can go.

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