Rumour has it – Sony is Slashing The PS5’s Price To Match Xbox

I heard a rumour…that Sony’s in deep trouble on this one. The console war never really ends easy, I guess. With the release of the COMPETITIVELY LOW Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S prices, Sony seems to have been trying to figure out how to match it with the release of the PS5.

Report: Sony Slashing PlayStation 5 Pricing In Response to Xbox Series X/S  - The FPS Review

Gamereactor UK has been spilling so much tea about this, and has quite confirmed that the PS5 prices are relatively higher than the Xbox has released. So in turn, it is rumoured that they’re actually trying to match prices just to get things going.

PS5 set for last minute price drop – thanks to Xbox Series X 🤑 | T3

Exclusive games aside, the lack of backwards compatibility from the PS5 surely dents is credibility as a superior console. But with the rumours we can easily expect that the normal PS5 version would match the price of that of the Xbox Series X while the all-digital PS5 would then match the price of the Xbox Series S.

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles

Despite releases of the pre-orders for the PS5 in an invite only basis due to the limited quantities available, I’m not sure it’d make more sense moving forward if they can’t come up to speed with whatever Microsoft has got up their sleeves.

We’ll be letting you know more when things unfold.

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