The Xbox Series X Is Reported To Come With 802GB SSD

I’m not so sure if people still care at this point, especially with Microsoft asking for $220 just to expand your memory for 1TB. It’s a total jackass move, even with the promised 802GB for the Xbox Series X and 512GB for the Xbox Series S.

Here's how Xbox Series X removable storage will work - The Verge

With modern games nowadays easily going from above 50GB to roughly 150GB a piece, this console doesn’t promise much in terms of actually having a lot of games on your arsenal. The NVMe PCIe 4.0 technology doesn’t look like it’s going to get cheaper any time soon, so we’re pretty much stuck with getting this or opting for the Sony counterpart instead.

Xbox Series S, Series X SSDs to Cost $220 for 1TB Drive - ExtremeTech

I don’t think the promise of speed would be worth $220, and all of us would agree to that I bet. I mean, just add roughly 80 dollars and you could easily get yourself another Xbox Series S console. Let’s not lie to ourselves here.

Xbox Series X Storage Expansion Card preorders open – yes, it's expensive -  SlashGear

Microsoft also promises that the Series S would only need 30% less storage for games since it won’t need as much graphics in comparison, but I think I’ve been led to too many promises that hadn’t held up well for me to fall again to this trick. If anything, they should fix their pre-orders first. LOL.

Xbox Series X/S pre-orders now available at these retailers •

So, which console are you ACTUALLY getting? Let us know in the comments section below!

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