Xbox “Games With Gold” For December 2020 Feels Like Bronze

Weirdly enough, this month’s ender to a really crappy year feels cheap thanks to Xbox’s “meh” lineup for Games With Gold. By the start of December (if you’re subscribed, that is), you’d be able to get hands on Volition’s measly Saints Row IV spin-off Gat Out Of Hell, along with Raven Remastered, a game we could all care less about.

There’s also 2 more games that would only show up until mid-December, namely Double Fine Productions’ puzzle adventure game about Russian Matryoshka dolls called Stacking. Weirdly enough, it comes with Bleed 2, another game we could all barely give a fuck about. What’s up with these choices that are 5 or more years old? Haven’t we all had a pass at these and probably didn’t enjoy?

These games can be played on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, all thanks to their capability to pull off backwards compatibility. Feel free to enjoy The Raven Remastered for the entirety of December, Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell for the first half of December, Stacking for the 2nd half of December, then there’s Bleed 2 running free for December 16 to January 15 2021. Yay, I guess? Probably not?

Let us know what you think of these horrendous choices below!

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