Xbox Series X price gets leaked – by Pringles?!

With a contest by Pringles running in South Africa and the prize being an Xbox Series X, the rules and regulations of the entire contest sort of leaked the price we have all been waiting for.

Xbox Series X Price Leaked Through Pringles Promotion?

From a tweet of someone who read the fine print of the entire contest, it shows that the estimated price per unit of Xbox in South Africa is worth R13,500.

Several disclaimers were also in the rules, stating how the price might not be final yet and that the controller and Halo prices weren’t estimated in that well. To add, they are also emphasizing the fact that the price may change once the product is released .

Xbox Series X Rumored $599 Price Leaked Again In Pringles Promotion

With the math, we ca say that the price roughly translates to right about $815 with Google’s current exchange rate as of today. It’s pretty hard to tell given that it’s a very steep price and the taxes might be overshot or overlooked at this point in time. Honestly speaking, it’s a bit too high from the prediction of the fans with the console coming in at only $599 at the most. Well, I guess we just have to wait to really find out.

What’s your guess on the true price of the Xbox Series X? Let us know in the comments section below.

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3 years ago

Probably just one of those simple cases of electronics costing more in different countries. With imports taxes and everything. Stuff like graphics cards and CPUs for computers often cost a lot more than they do in the US.

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