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Youngest Call of Duty World League Gets BANNED from Warzone

The most promising prodigies of this generation just got cockblocked in their own game. 6-year old Warzone player, Call of Duty World League Member, and YouTuber RowdyRogan just got banned from playing Call of Duty: Warzone, as seen from his stream himself.

The Twitch live of the prodigy easily details on how he got banned real-time, despite his following and adoration from his fans. I guess being a finalist of a recruitment from FaZe clan still can’t really get you out of Activision and Infinity Ward’s laser sights. The ban circles entirely on the fact that Rogan is indeed a 6-year old playing a game with ratings that would require him to be 13 years or older, as Call of Duty is rated M for Mature.

6-Year-Old Call of Duty Player Banned Live on Stream | Game Rant

Yet on a recent development, Rogan’s parents admitted that the video was fabricated as it was part of FaZe’s initiation to have a neophyte’s video go viral. The video posted was edited accordingly and as needed to gain clamor from fans, gamers, and adorers alike which proved quite successful as the Twitter hashtag #FreeRogan easily trended. The entire debacle was explained in a YouTube video that can be seen below:

Was the hassle and the commotion all worth it? Did FaZe get their due’s straight? Let us know in the comments section below!

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