Modern Warfare

Season 3 ending & Season 4 start date

Season 3 in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is about to end, players will have until 2nd of June at 1pm CT to finish their battle pass.

As usual season 4 will introduce a new battle pass where you can unlock new loot. Theres still no accurate information of which unlocks the Season 4 battle pass will bring, so stay tuned. However we can expect something similar to season 3 battle pass which features over 100 rewards such as blueprints for weapons, operator skins & cosmetics.

Season 4 starts on June 3rd, the day after Season 3 ends. Its likely that patch 1.22 will be released before season 4 starts, containing bug fixes and quality of life improvements.

According to Charlie INTEL fans can expect lots of new content such as Captain Price(confirmed) and Gaz(rumor) as playable operators as well as the classic MW2 map Scrapyard which is not confirmed but was teased in a recent teaser trailer. Also its very likely that the Warzone map will change, time will tell!

Still have challenges and battle pass tiers you want to finish before the season ends? Better get to it!

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