An Overview: The Overwatch League

It was at the last week’s Grand Final event that the Overwatch league tournament had concluded with the declaration of the winner of the Overwatch League, who is to claim the one Million Dollar prize pool. Alongside it, there is an idea of what the future might be for both the long and short run, and it seems to be as bright as ever.

As a starting remark, the Grand Final of the Overwatch league took place at the 28th of July in a dynamic game between the two skilled contestants of the London Spitfire and the Philadelphia Fusion teams, having the game end with Spitfire’s members being the champions of the League; claiming the million dollar prise pool. On a further focus, the two games that were carried out ended in Spitfire obtaining two decisive victories in best-of-five matches that would involve a single map for every point contested, that being 1-3 in the first game and 0-3 in the second.


This Overwatch competitive tournament had been a considerable esports event for its lifetime, attracting an average viewership of 861 000 viewers across various platforms, including YouTube and Twitch. Various considerable events would include the ridiculous funding that went on the event’s advertising, Dj Khaled’s bizarre appearance on the Overwatch state and, of course, a wide and rich selection of memes commenting on the goofy happenings.

Taking a look on various teams’ performances during the League, it is most notable to peek at Houston Outlaws’ dominance on the start of the season with Junkrat, Uprising’s winning streak on stage 3 and Fuel’s falls and rises alongside player drama. Perhaps the most interesting of all is Shanghai Dragons’ record-setting losing streak of 40 lost games – a record surpassing all other major and competitive sports events.

The Overwatch league has a scheduled expansion of adding six more teams for the next season, with no solid confirmation as to the teams’ base location apart from the one of Atlanta’s. Meanwhile, the next major Overwatch-related esports event is scheduled for the 24th to the 25th of August under the name of “All Star Weekend”, featuring the most popular players from the Atlantic and Pacific regions already participating in the League, as found in the list below:

The Atlantic Divison:
• Bang “Jvonak” Seong-Hyum – NYXL., support
• Park “Saebyeolbe” Jong-Ryeol, NYXL., offense
• Kim “Pine Do-Hyeon, NYXL., flex
• Hong “Ark” Yeon-Jun, NYXL., support
• Lee “Carpe” Jae-Hyeok, Fusion, offense
• Hong “Gesture Jae-Hui, Spitfire, tank

The Pacific Division
• Baek “Fissure” Chan-Hyung, Gladiators, tank
• Scott “Custa” Kennedy, Valiant, support
• Kim “Geguri” Se-Yeon, Dragons, tank
• Kim “Fleta” Byung-Sun, Dynasty, offense
• Ryu “Ryujehong” Je-Hong, Dynasty, flex
• Brandon “Seagull” Larned, Fuel, flex

Certainly, we are looking forward to seeing what the future of competitive Overwatch holds, and as far as the confirmed news go it seems as a bright one

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