Avoid players with new feature in Overwatch

Its soon possible to use the new feature Avoid as Teammate.

Everyone is familiar with the situation in which you played a whole match with a person who is unbearable. When the game is finally over, take a little breathing break, queue up, just to get back to the same person.

These are just those situations Overwatch new tools “Avoid as Teammate” will help you. In a new dev blog post, Jeff Kaplan tells you that in the near future you will be able to avoid up to two players within a seven-day timeframe.

It may sound a bit strange at first, but the tool is not intended as an alternative to reporting bad behavior. Avoid as Teammate, instead, acts as a midway where the person you want to avoid is not reportable, but maybe just generally difficult.

The reason why the function is limited to two is because it can not be exploited. In earlier iterations, players clicked on the button as soon as they met a player better than them, which meant that the cooking times became insanely long.

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