Battle Royale in Overwatch would be “Awesome”?!

Yes u read it right, Jeff Kaplan said this in an interview at Kotaku.

A lot of times when I hear some of our fans pitch it, they’re like “Oh, just put a card in the Arcade one day that’s a battle royale mode” and I’m like “Fuck, that would be awesome”. But there’s a lot of design and tech work to get us to that place and not just feel like a me-too game.

“They” say that the size does not matter. However, “They” have never tried to figure out how the Overwatch’s Itsy-bitsy maps would work with the so-popular Battle Royale mode (read: PUBG, Fortnite, etc). Overwatchs strong man Jeff Kaplan thinks it would be “awesome!” if it worked – but it’s just doubtful that it would work.

The characters are designed for teamwork and some would fit pretty badly in a Battle Royale game mode, while others would fit perfectly. Not to mention the maps..

Our primary engagement distance is usually around 15 to 40 meters. The Hanamura dojo point B is 45 meters across. I don’t think people realize how tiny it is. Part of what makes Fortnite and PUBG so awesome is that you can have these really long engagement distances.

Kaplan, however, is curious but acknowledges that by taking that many players at once, one starts to move towards a whole new game. Perhaps it’s simply best to let Overwatch keep on doing it Overwatch does the best?

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