Blizzard adds new Role Queue function to Overwatch in Public Test Realm

Blizzard Entertainment says it has added a Role Queue system to Overwatch in the Public Test Realm for PC. The new feature allows players to choose a specific role before a battle: tank, damage or support. With Role Queue, the matchmaking system from Overwatch in Competitive Play and Quick Play gets an update. From now on, players can choose immediately whether they want to work as a tank, support or damage. The matchmaking system then links two tank, support and damage heroes together to form a team. At the start of a battle, heroes with other skills can be selected within the chosen role; afterwards, players end up in the main menu where they choose a role for the next match.

Each of the three roles has its own queue or queue, always specifying an estimated waiting time. Players who opt for a less popular role, with a shorter queue, are rewarded with – for example – a loot box. In this way, Blizzard Entertainment wants to ensure that the number of players for the different roles is more balanced, so that waiting times are never too high.

The Role Queue system is currently present in the Public Test Realm for PC and will go live on servers with a Role Queue Beta Season in patch 1.39 that will run from August 13 to September 1. After that, the new feature will become available for the start of Competitive Season 18.

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