Blizzard tests great adjustments for Mercy on the PTR

Perhaps the most popular Hero from Overwatch is Mercy. That’s why it seems to scare many players that Blizzard developers are currently testing some great adjustments for Mercy.

Development boss Jeff Kaplan said in a recent Developer Update that Mercy is being tackled. The most striking change is that the Resurrection Ultimate will disappear. Not complete, because Mercy can use Resurrection as a secondary skill. There is a significant 30-second cooldown period. This makes it possible to use Resurrection more often than ever before. The catch? Resurrection focuses on a single player and only within a 5 meter radius, so you should really make a choice as a Mercy player who can make a comeback.

By moving Resurrection, Mercy has room for a whole new Ultimate. According to Kaplan, this Ultimate is very special, called “Valkyrie”. This gives all Mercy skills a huge boost, from the range of the healing beam to the damage that bullets do and the speed of cooldowns. As long as Ultimate is active, Mercy can connect healing beams, allowing you to support multiple players at once. Maybe even better is to be able to fly once Valkyrie is active. We’re not talking about hovering, which is what Pharah does, but actually being able to fly.

Blizzard is currently busy testing these adjustments on the public test server (PTR). If the changes are working as intended, Blizzard will continue reviewing other heroes. According to Kaplan, D.va is next in line.

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