Cosmetic changes: New Summer and All-Star Skins Incoming

With the event of Summer Games approaching on the horizon, Blizzard was soon to start the pleasurable steamroll that is the reveal of characters’ skins packed with the arrival of the event. Alongside the Summer Games event, the announcement of the “All Star” esports Weekend rolling with two interesting skin concepts for Genji and Tracer.

More into the Summer Games event, it is no rare occasion to know that Blizzard confirmed its appearance coming at the 9th and leaving at the 30th of August. Alongside the event, Blizzard has also confirmed the return of Lucioball, though there is speculation by the Overwatch community that a brand new game mode is coming as to providing variety and something new for players to experience. To the more aesthetic part, as of now, blizzard has posted the upcoming legendary skins for the heroes D.Va, Reinhardt, Winston and Ana in that chronological order – which you can find in our Instagram Account.

As of the competitive Overwatch esports event of the “All Star” weekend, which will feature the most famous players who participated in the Overwatch League and take place from the 24th to the 25th of August (more on this major competitive event in our OWL league article here). Up to now, the only skins confirmed are the ones of Genji and Tracer, though no info was given on how this skins will be provided to the community or if any other characters would get skins following this event.


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