Overwatch implements Deathmatch modes with a new map

The Hero based shooter Overwatch seems to break into the initial vision of the game.

Formerly, Blizzard said not to implement Deathmatch as gamemode in Overwatch. Now however, two dead Deathmatch modes appear to be on their way. Through a clear Developer Update from frontman Jeff Kaplan, the news was communicated.

It is a classic Free-for-All Deathmatch, as well as a somewhat more cooperative Team Deathmatch. According to Kaplan, a direct homage to lovers of the older shooting games, which simply involves your skill in mumbling enemies, and not the most efficient team game.

Because all existing Overwatch maps are made primarily for playing as a team, Overwatch also created a new map, especially for Deathmatch. The map is known as Chateau Guillard, a huge country house that was once known by Widowmaker’s well-known sharpshooter.

In Chateau Guillard we not only see a Quake-like level design, but there are also many secrets about Widowmakers’ past and future. The French villa originates from a time when the clean shooter was still married, and did not turn purple in addition.

The two Deathmatch modes and the associated Chateau Guillard are now playable in Overwatch ‘PTR (PublicTest Region), but soon they have to come to the regular game. Most likely only after we are all excited at the Summer Games 2017 event, which is still happily going on.

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